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We are your one stop shop for any kind of firewood!! If you are super fussy or budget conscious we can help supply what you need.

We also supply Kindling and Firewood bags, Playground construction supplies including: Bush Poles, playground feature pieces like forks and used loader tyres. We also sell outdoor and furniture grade wooden slabs and Sawdust.

We are now open to provide all your wood heating needs. Get organised before it gets wet and cold. We look forward to making your house warm this season!

Fire Fuel offers good quality and a diverse range of different firewood products for everyone's heating requirements, from the fussy to the budget conscious. We are happy and keen to help you :)

We specialize in high quality plantation timber but can supply Jarrah for all the Jarrah addicts out there. If you try our plantation timber you will find it burns hot and clean and heats the house up faster resulting in less wood use. You will also find our wood split down to a good size for people to carry and stack in even the small fire boxes! This also means you don't have to split it before you use it!


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